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This is a really bad idea...

This tip is short but important - I know it looks cool, but cupping the mic when you sing is a horrible idea, unless you want to punish your audience and sound mixer.

If you're a cupper you're going to need a supercardiod mic with insanely good rejection. Audix OM7's are one of the few mics great for singers how love to "cup the mic". (Don't do this on a BETA unless you're a sadist.) The reason you don't want to cup the mic is because the moment you cup it, it turns from a directional mic into an omni mic.

The mics most of us are accustomed to using live are directional mics, or cardiod, which means they pick up sound mainly at the front of the mic and reject sound at the rear of the mic.

When you cup a cardiod mic, you turn it into an omni mic which now no longer rejects sound from the rear, instead it picks up sound from the sides and rear of the mic, as clearly as if you were pointing the mic directly at it.

In high gain situations with sound wedges for monitors, I prefer supercardiod mics as they reject sound extremely well at angles off axis at the rear of the mic where wedges typically are located. They also don't go omni as badly as cardiod mics when cupped.

I get it with Metal when a singer wants that low rumble, they'll wrap their hands around the mic capsule creating an even bigger cup and scream into the mic to amplify the proximity effect... But if that's your move, please get an OM7 for the sake of the sanity of your sound mixer, and to ward off potential feedback issues.


in closing....

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