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My name is Shian Storm I'm the founder of Stormhenge Custom Toneworks and work as a producer, engineer, mixer, and musician.


In my years pivoting between being an on-stage performer, and a front of house mixer I've experienced both the highs and lows of seeking to deliver the most enjoyable sonic experience possible for both the band and the audience.

In those endeavors, I've garnered some great insights and experiences in the art of "gigging" from all of those previously stated perspectives.

I want to share that information with all of you. As well as educate venue owners and promoters, so they'll better understand how to create an environment artists want to perform in, and patrons flock to.

It is my hope with this blog that by sharing this knowledge I may bridge the gap between the live performer, the venues, and the person(s) responsible for making sure everything sounds good, so that the whole triumvirate can operate as a team, rather than devolve into the terse adversarial relationship that it often becomes.

If you have need of more personal attention, I can be contacted below for consultations regarding gear, venue sound setups, and FOH mixing gigs.

Thanks! Message sent.

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